Go Engineer

We love Go here at Locafox. We already use it quite extensively to manage our AWS-based cloud infrastructure, but we also want to build systems that can process the large volumes of data we receive more efficiency.

That’s why we’re looking for a skilled Go Engineer to join our team. We know Go is still quite young, so we would expect the ideal candidate to have strong experience in at least one other language (Ruby, Scala, Java etc).

Some example projects may include enhancements to our data processing systems. E.g: Could you design a system that processes thousands of lines of CSV files every hour? How about a similar challenge, but for storing images?

Have I got your attention? Are you already in Berlin (the center of the universe for startups in Europe) or do you have a passion to move here? Then get in touch, we are hiring now!

Contact: madlen.sieweke@locafox.de for more information about the role.


Rob (CTO)


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